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Elevate Your Living Space - 3 Reasons to Hire a Plant Stylist.

Indoor house plants have become increasingly popular as people recognize their numerous benefits to their living spaces. However, transforming your home into an urban jungle requires more than just purchasing a few plants. Just as you would hire an Interior Designer to curate a space that represents you and your style, a Plant Stylist will take your interior space to another level with the beauty and warmth of indoor houseplants. A plant stylist's expertise covers potting services and ensures that you choose the right plants for each space, considering factors like size, growth habits, and compatibility with your lifestyle.

1. Plant Styling - Hand-Picked and Curated

When it comes to incorporating indoor plants into your home, maximizing space is crucial. A plant stylist can assess your available space and suggest creative ways to integrate plants into your existing décor. Whether you are looking for a minimalist design or a small jungle oasis, a plant stylist's expertise ensures that your home feels lush and inviting without overwhelming the space. Your stylist will hand-pick and scrutinize each plant for perfection, looking for superior health, full and proportionate foliage, and no damage.

2. Proper Care Instructions

The biggest myth around plants that everyone tells themselves is that they can't keep plants alive, or they have a 'black thumb.' It's just not true, proper care instructions from the start go a long way in terms of successful plant parenthood. A plant stylist will leave you with the knowledge of how to care for each plant properly, but first making sure the plant Is within the level of maintenance you want to give. They can educate you about watering routines, light requirements, pruning techniques, and pest control measures. By offering ongoing support and advice, a plant stylist empowers you to nurture and maintain the health and beauty of your indoor plants for years to come.

3. Potting and Cleaning Services

Your plant stylist will do the dirty work and heavy lifting for you. Styling your home with plants is more than going to the big box store, picking out a few plants and just dropping them into their decorative planters. Sure, it works for a while but the soil the plants come in isn’t usually ideal for your plant and their leaves are typically filthy. Your plant stylist will make sure the plant is in the appropriate soil for its needs, whether that’s fast draining or something that holds on to water a little longer, as well as cleaning each leaf really making them shine! Hiring a plant stylist to fill your home with beautifully curated indoor house plants is an investment that pays off in numerous ways. If you’re in the Tacoma, Gig Harbor, or Puyallup area, and are interested in creating an elevated space with some green, feel free to reach out to us. We would love to get you a quote.

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